Diamond Glow Facial

The Diamond Glow is a skin resurfacing/microdermabrasion  treatment that simultaneously extracts impurities from the pores and infuses the skin with a targeted serum. It can be tailored for your specific skin concern such as hyperpigmentation, large pores, sun damage, dryness, oiliness, uneven skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles. One area where this procedure truly excels is with acneic patients. A separate handpiece can be used to treat acne all over the body, including the back and buttocks. 

What to expect during the procedure

After having your face cleansed with a targeted professional grade skin cleanser, the technician will use the hand piece of the machine to perform the treatment. The hand piece is a unique tool that uses pneumatic force, a ‘pull then push’ pressure technique, to pull from the pores and then push serum into the skin, all while simultaneously removing the outermost layer of skin with mechanical exfoliation using the diamond covered tip. Picture a tiny gentle sander with diamond sandpaper. We have been told by our clients that the procedure feels like a “cat licking the skin”. Having grown up with cats I can definitely agree. There is no pain during or post procedure. You can expect your skin to look slightly pink immediately after the procedure and unlike the hydrafacial- which places serum directly on the surface of the skin- your skin after diamond Glow will be DRY! This is because the serum is pushed deep into the skin. 

Is it a One and Done?

Like many aesthetic facial treatments, we recommend using the Diamond Glow facial on a scheduled basis. You will certainly notice improvements after a single session but for maximum benefit you will add the facial into your maintenance routine every 2-4 weeks. 

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