Collagen induction with microneedling

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that uses tiny needles to puncture the skin down to the deeper layers in order to stimulate your body to repair and thereby produce collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the “scaffolding“ layers of the skin that produce fullness and firmness, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The remodeling process of microneedling can also prompt your body into resurfacing your outermost layer of skin which results in improved skin tone and texture and reduction of acne scarring. Microneedling is most often used on the face but can be used anywhere on the body where these skin changes are desired. There are no chemical additives, and there is no heat involved which makes this a safe and natural procedure for all skin types and skin tones. 

The treatment can also be performed with PRF (platelet rich fibrin), which amplifies the healing effects and improves outcome. Using PRF also decreases post-processional downtime.  

Does it hurt?

While the thought of several needles puncturing your skin 1600 times a second may make you cringe, the procedure is surprisingly well tolerated. We prefer to apply a topical numbing medication to the skin for 20 minutes prior to the procedure. With the topical numbing there is very minimal discomfort and we are able to go a little deeper with the needles, which results in a better outcome. 

How long does the procedure take?

After 20 min of numbing, the actual procedure takes only 30 min (for the face and neck). After the procedure is finished we apply a hyaluronic acid mask for 10 minutes. 

What is the downtime?

For 2-3 days after the procedure you will notice a rough texture to your skin and your skin will be very red- similar to a mild sunburn. You will have NO pain post procedure. The skin will then flake in approx 5-7 days. UNtil your skin goes through the flaking stage we recommend you avoid make up, exfoliants and retinols. 

How long do results last?

You can see improvement in texture in as little as 1 treatment, however, for maximum benefit we advise you have a total of 3 procedures done approximately 4 weeks apart. After the 3rd procedure, results are expected to last 6mo. At this point, repeat treatments can be performed every 6mo for maintenance. 

At Renew You, we use the SkinPen as our microneedling device. Skin Pen was the first FDA approved microneedling device and has been on the market the longest, which has resulted in many more clinical trials and studies on its efficacy. Being medical providers, we pride ourselves in offering safe and efficacious, clinically proven products and treatments to our clients.

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